Mark Roemer Oakland Offers Suggestions for Having a Movie Night at Home


Mark Roemer Oakland knows when you take your family to the movies, you have to deal with the high pricing at the concession stand, the sticky floors, and other customers who may be distracted while watching the movie. It should come as no surprise that organizing a movie night at home has its share of advantages. You may relax in the coziness of your own home without having to deal with crowds or pay exorbitant prices for tickets, and you’ll even have the option to pause the movie if you need to use the restroom. The following are the suggested items a family movie night absolutely cannot be without to be successful.

The Movie

Before starting a family movie night, you first need to select a film that everyone in your household will enjoy watching together. If your children are of an appropriate age, you should let them vote on the movie that will be shown. If they are too young to cast a vote, you and your significant other can make the decision together, or you can make it alone. It would be best if you looked for a movie like Toy Story or Shrek that is appropriate for children but also entertaining for the adults in the room.

The Snacks

Create the menu for the evening as the next step. You can approach this in one of two different ways. To begin, you are free to consume your evening meal while watching television. Prepare a standard meal but serve it to the children in the living room instead of the dining room. Then all you need for dessert is some candy from the concession stand. Second, you can have dinner as you normally would (that is, in the dining room), and then a few hours later, you can prepare a buffet of goodies to enjoy while watching a movie. Make sure to choose snacks that are appropriate for the people who will be attending your event, but if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with tried-and-true favorites like popcorn and M&Ms.

The Amenities

What are the other advantages of “going to the movies” in the comfort of your own home? You are not limited to an uncomfortable seat in a noisy movie theatre. In order to create an even cozier atmosphere in the living room, you should request that everyone bring their own pillow and comforter into the room. You can get into your pajamas a little earlier than usual and genuinely get into the spirit of having a movie night at home. What is the worst thing that could happen? Perhaps the living room becomes a slumber party for everyone. That merely indicates that you had a pleasant evening with your family.

The Realism

Go all the way if you genuinely want to get into the spirit of having a movie theatre in your own house. You should print entry tickets and rip them up as the rest of your family enters the room or climbs onto the couch. Make it abundantly apparent that one must first purchase a ticket to gain entry.

The Ambiance

If you pull out your phone while in the movie theatre, you can expect at least a few sideways glances from other patrons, if not a direct reprimand from the person sitting next to you. Maintain the same policy of not allowing any devices in your home theatre. Collecting cell phones and tablets before becoming a source of contention among your younger moviegoers can help you avoid any altercations that might break out. Put the gadgets into silent mode or turn off the power, and then store them in a different room until the end of the movie.


Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you have enjoyed these tips and tricks to having fun even “out” with the family.

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